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Western Style Cakes

Western boot cake

Boot cake close up
This cake was made for a birthday but it could easily be used for a grooms cake. Lettering was cut out of chocolate fondant with the Patchwork Initial cutters.
I let the letters dry and then airbrushed the bottom half a darker brown shading. Boots, hat and fence are hand sculpted. Barbed wire is fondant extruded from the Sugarcraft gun. The barbs are piped with royal icing and painted with a mixture of lemon extract and Highlighter silver dust. Bare grass is gumpaste.

Brads groom ccake

170 Servings

18", 12" and 6 inch tiers with the top tapered.
Hand molded demensional star and oak leaves.
Rope borders

Western gumpaste hand painted scene on cake

Western #3

155 Servings

Buttercream icing with a gumpaste western painting
at an additional fee

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Western - Double Horseshoe

100 Servings
Buttercream Icing with chocolate dipped Strawberries

Tuxedo Strawberries an additional fee


Horseshoe cake

Western - Horseshoe #3

100 Servings

Buttercream icing with chocolate dipped strawberries.

Tuxedo strawberries an additional fee



Boots & Hat Cake

100 Servings

an additional feel for gumpaste boots and hat

Gumpaste Boots & Hat close up

Boots #1

Boots n Hat all sugar - hand molded
Fresh Fruit

Western Hat

68 Servings

Concho's an additional fee
Hat with strawberries

Gumpaste Brim - Crown of hat is covered with fondant

Life size Stetson Hat in cake and icing

100 Servings
Texas shape cut from full sheet pan and rearranged  30X38 inches

Texas Pump Jack
Yes, it is made from sugar
Instructions are now available for the
pump jack

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