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Rose Button Puff Bases - under most of my cakes you will see a puffy fabric covered base - those are called puff bases and the instructions are availableat
An invoicethrough Square will be sent for the fee of $7.90 for those instruction
. Upon receipt of payment those instructions will emailed to you in a pdf format. No postage charge

Rose Button Brides Info - Cake cutting and Serving Instructions - Articles Index - Click Here

Click on the pictures below to see the pages with similar styled cakes

Red Roses sm but Abbie
Leaves and Cranberries,
Stephanies Roses
Amy Minature Amy , Amber and Alice in Wonderland, Basketweave Minature Basketweave
Packages Minature Bows and
Bows Minature Bows
Castles Minature Castles
Christine Minature Christine Curls Minature Curls,
2 Chocolate wedding cakes
Debbie Minature Debbie plus
the Dress Bow instructions, lace point and scroll patterns
Doris Minature Doris Drapes Minature Cakes with
Embroidry Minature Embroidry
in Icing on
2 Pages
Hearts and Flowers
Grapes and leaves Minature Grapes and Leaves, Brooke and Brandi Janie Minature Janie
Oz cake
Julie Minature Julie
Karla Minature Karla and
Lauren's Fantasy

Lace 1 Minature

Lace Cakes
Lace 2 Minature Lace Cakes
Lattice Minature Lattice MS Lattice Minature Lattice
The Martha
Stewart way

Marla Minature

and Melinda
Pearls 1 Minature


Pearls 5 Minature

Pearls # 4
and more
Yellow Rose of Texas
2 Pages

Ribbons Minature

Language of Love,
Roses n feathers,

Scrolls Minature Circles and Swirls,Lacy,
Scrolls and
Symphony Minature Smocking, Symphony
and Starlight
TIe Dyed Minature Snowflakes
and Tie Dyed
If you get a request to do a version of a cake that a bride found in a magazine please give credit to the original designers when you post a photo of your cake. Please be appreciative and give credit where credit is due.
As you will see in the following pages there is a huge variety in designs and styles and this is only a sampling of designs that can be done.

As of 2017 I am no longer doing any custom order cakes. Due to major health issues I simply cannot physically do the work. But, I am always here if you have questions I can help with.

Maintaining the web site, going to occasional shows and etc is enough to keep me busy and with less stress.

I hope you enjoy the photos and how to articles.

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