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Rose Button Puff Bases - under most of my cakes you will see a puffy fabric covered base - those are called puff bases and the instructions are availableat
An invoicethrough Square will be sent for the fee of $5.75 for those instruction
. Upon receipt of payment those instructions will emailed to you in a pdf format.

Rose Button Brides Info - Cake cutting and Serving Instructions - Articles Index - Click Here

Click on the pictures below to see the pages with similar styled cakes

Red Roses sm but Abbie
Leaves and Cranberries,
Stephanies Roses
Amy Minature Amy , Amber and Alice in Wonderland, Basketweave Minature Basketweave
Packages Minature Bows and
Bows Minature Bows
Castles Minature Castles
Christine Minature Christine Curls Minature Curls,
2 Chocolate wedding cakes
Debbie Minature Debbie plus
the Dress Bow instructions, lace point and scroll patterns
Doris Minature Doris Drapes Minature Cakes with
Embroidry Minature Embroidry
in Icing on
2 Pages
Hearts and Flowers
Grapes and leaves Minature Grapes and Leaves, Brooke and Brandi Janie Minature Janie
Oz cake
Julie Minature Julie
Karla Minature Karla and
Lauren's Fantasy

Lace 1 Minature

Lace Cakes
Lace 2 Minature Lace Cakes
Lattice Minature Lattice MS Lattice Minature Lattice
The Martha
Stewart way

Marla Minature

and Melinda
Pearls 1 Minature


Pearls 5 Minature

Pearls # 4
and more
Yellow Rose of Texas
2 Pages

Ribbons Minature

Language of Love,
Roses n feathers,

Scrolls Minature Circles and Swirls,Lacy,
Scrolls and
Symphony Minature Smocking, Symphony
and Starlight
TIe Dyed Minature Snowflakes
and Tie Dyed
I get requests often to do a version of a cake that a bride found in a magazine. I really appreciate the wonderful creative cakes in those magazines and the decorators who share those ideas with us. To show my appreciation at the top of each cake design (that is my version of their cakes) the original designers name will be listed with that cake.
It was my privledge to be able to create cakes for each couple - to their taste and design. I am no longer doing any cakes for customers. As you will see in the following pages there is a huge variety in designs and styles and this is only a sampling of designs that can be done.

As of 2017 we no longer doing any custom order cakes. As a matter of trying to cut down on some of the stress in my life something had to go. Sorry but for right now doing the cakes is the choice.

Maintaining the web site, going to occasional shows and etc is enough to keep me busy and with less stress.

I hope you enjoy the photos and how to articles.

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