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Villa Rotunda designed by Andrea Palladio "in cake no less" plus two other structures requested by a bride and groom

Villa Rotunda in cake and icing

90 Servings
This cake was another grooms cake special request. This cake was requested by a couple who were both architect majors in college. They had spent several months in Italy the summer before their wedding. This was their favorite architect site in their travels. I had no idea what this building looked like when they asked if I could do buildings. I had a real surprise. The cake itself is the square cake in the middle. 9 inches square with all the porches constructed in miniature from gumpaste. This one cake project took me 60 hours to work out. Making patterns, Figuring out the dimensions, Just how to make the columns, How big to make the statues on each porch and what could I make those out of. Lots of details to figure out in this piece of sugar art.
Villa parts 1
The roof and porches were completely constructed ahead of time and then placed on the cake where needed.

Villa parts 2
As you can see here there were lots of little pieces in constructing the porches as well as all the windows and doors to add to the cake surface.

Brides Cake

125 Servings

Grooms Cake

100 Servings

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