The Best Separator
set up for stacked cakes

A cake decorator and her separator set up.

This is a picture of the creator of this stress free separator set up. Arlene Haase wanted to show you just how strong this separator set up is. So she put a Plexiglas plate on top of the steel ring and legs and then she stood on top of that.

That should be strong enough for any of our cakes.

After teaching and doing two demos at the Minnesota Day of Sharing in March of 2000 I met Arlene and her son. They brought this separator set with them to show it to the other decorators. I asked to bring one ring home with me along with four legs to show some of the other decorators in the TX area. The more I thought about this set up and played with it the better I liked it. Below are the first two cakes I used these separator rings in. WOW - They worked just wonderfully .

No cutting support legs, completely adjustable, so easy to use and so sturdy. I think you will love these rings and legs for your stacked cake orders.

Arlene Haase
Support Rings 2

These two pictures show you the stainless steel rings from the bottom 12",
10", 8", 6" and 4" diameters with threaded rods welded to the rings.
Support rings 1
Support Rings 3
Threaded columns allow for easy adjustment
Support rings 4
1 1/2 inch threaded rod on the base of
each ring give sturdy support
Support Rings 5 Easy to level or adjust 
Greek Column support set up

Left is the assembly planned for the support of this Greek column cake. Three rings with legs and double cardboard's covered with contact paper make for very sturdy support

Another Greek column and a larger picture of this one here

Greek column cake

The set up for the cake to the right

I used the straw to measure the lengths I needed for the supports in this cake.
Three rings and legs are used in each of these cakes. Larger pictures here
I have used nothing but this stress free ring support system in all of the stacked cakes since the first of May 2000. They are wonderfully sturdy and secure in the cakes. These are an investment in your equipment inventory. Because they are stainless steel with nylon screw on legs and they are so easy to adjust. They are food safe and totally dependable to support those multi layered stacked cakes. 
Instruction page for Bow and package cake using these separator rings.
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