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Groom's Cakes Listing

Many of the cakes below are presented on a base I call a
"Puff Base"

To order the instructions to make those Puff Bases please email me at
A fee of $6.75 will be charged through Square. A PDF file will be sent upon receipt of the fee.


Artist and Africa

Fresh Fruit on cakes

Greek Column
and World Globe cakes

Asst.' Fruit on Cakes   Grapes or Roses
on Chocolate Fondant
Baskets   Horned Frog
and Ice Skate
Baseball & Basketball
Camera & Scroll Star

with small Texas longhorns
  Lab' on Cake &
Prairie Dog
Castles   Musical Guitars
Cactus Hunter button Pizza & Hamburger
with a link to the Taco &
Submarine Sandwich cakes
Chocolate Curls   Southwest Airline
Space Shuttle, Smiley Face
Computers   Strawberries on cakes
seven cakes on two pages
Cotton Bale,
Cooler, Love We
and Double heart cakes
  Texas Tech Theme cakes

Texas Univ./Longhorns cakes

Texas A&M/Aggie cakes

Drums   Trees
Turkey Feathers and shotgun shells
two pages
  Villa Rotunda
Golf Hunter button Western Cakes

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