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Totally Edible Drums
How about having your drum and eating it to?
95 Servings

This grooms cake was constructed for a young man with a doctorate in percussion instruments. He is a teacher and also plays percussion for the symphony orchestra. Everything on that drum is edible except the drum sticks. Those were his personal favorites.

All the pieces on the sides were constructed from gumpaste or fondant. Spaghetti was used for bracing. Marbled chocolate fondant was used for the side surface of this neat cake. And of course the tuxedo strawberries were a must for a symphony drummer.

Drum cake
A birthday cake below for the drummer of the Crickets

On the weekend of September 3, 1999 the Buddy Holly Museum opened. Along with that The Crickets and Nancy Griffeth were performing with the Symphony Orchestra and then lots of other coordinated musical events were scheduled to celebrate the weekend. JI who is the drummer with the Crickets had a birthday on September 1st and these two cakes were placed in the backstage area for the performers and their families to enjoy. For those of youwho don't know, Lubbock, Tx is Buddy Holly's home town.

Drum cake 2 Drum cake close up
Sheet cake with flowers

With a rather short amount of time to work on this 3D drum, most of it was done with fondant. Hand molding the pieces on the side and the drum sticks. The slim pieces connecting the side piece with the top and bottom bands were uncooked spaghetti covered with royal icing. Gum paste flowers and leaves (out of the stored left over flowers box) were added to brighten up the cakes.

The sheet cake was a 9X12 buttercream iced cake and the drum was an 11" round two layer cake.

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