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Drapes with fruit


210 Servings

Rolled fondant icing with fondant drapes and fruit. Gumpaste flowers and leaves

Cake top an additional fee

The "Stress-free" separator set up is used in both of these cakes along with one of the basketball cakes and both of the Greek column cakes.

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Original Design was a two tier cake
in a bridal magazine

Drapes #5

172 Servings

Rolled Fondant icing

with fondant drapes

and gumpaste flowers & bow

Quilted drapes cake
drapes with roses

Drapes #5-2

125 Servings

Rolled fondant icing, ropes and drapes. Gumpaste flowers and leaves.

Cake Top an additional fee

drapes with roses close up

Close-up of the center section of the Brides cake

The cake top is placed on the cake at the reception site.

Drapes with roses cake top
This is how I deliver this type of cake top. I place the top on top of a 2" X 10" X 10" Styrofoam and secure the top with toothpicks angled into the Styrofoam.

Drape with roses

Drape cake top

Drapes #1-2

Wedding cake for Shanon Allison and Bradley Boyd
265 Servings
Rolled fondant icing with fondant drapes
Fondant and Gumpaste top section
an additional fee

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