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Cake Cutting Chart and Instructions.

Two people are needed at each cake serving table. One person for cutting the cake and a second person should be assisting with the plates so that the person who is actually cutting the cake does not have to handle the plates. That second person also has the responsibility of replenishing plates, forks and napkins, removing support plates, legs and etc removed from the cake and generally keeping the table tidy.

A container (tub, box or trash bag) for the plates, legs and etc that are inside the cake should be placed under the table for the servers convience in removing those items from the table. Someone walking through your guests with the messy wet cake and icing support system at the reception is not good. 

The first piece of cake served is cut by the Bride and Groom where ever they find it easiest for them to cut and is photogenic for the photographer to capture their picture for their memory album. As they depart from that cake the cake serving person should then put on a latex glove on the hand that will not be holding the knife. This protects the guests as well as being much neater for the cake server. I asked a caterer about using the cake server and the cake knife, using one to cut and the other to transfer the cake to the plate. He said that method is slow when you have a long line of people waiting for cake. The gloved hand is much faster and actually less messy then the other method. The top cake is removed. ( A second serving person may be needed to help remove the supports or legs under that top tier.) Any fresh flowers, hard sugar decorations and etc. on the top of the next cake are also removed. Those flowers and etc. are sometimes placed in the greenery at the base of the cake. The first servings of cake come from the back of the next tier.. Cutting as necessary to give you a straight clean line across the back of the cake to continue cutting the cake. That cake is served following the diagram below and  when that cake layer is all served remove the cardboard covered support board to the tray or container under the table. The support system is removed (placed in the container under the table) and cutting the cake continues in the same manner as shown below.

Serving the Cake

When serving the cake with the cake knife cut a straight line across the back of the cake from left to right if you are right handed about 2 inches forward of the back edge of the cake. Don't cut all the way from one side of the cake to the other. Leave about 2 inches on the end for support.

If you are right handed begin cutting through the cake from right to left leaving about 2 inches intact on the right edge of the cake as shown on line 1. ( If you are left handed you reverse the instructions.) Begin serving pieces from the left edge. Cutting with the cake knife (line 2) and serving or transferring it to the cake plate with the left hand. Pieces that are on the outside curved edge must be adjusted larger to insure serving that guest an adequate serving of cake. Normal servings of a two layer cake are 2" deep and 1" wide. You will notice that the servings on the right hand side of the cake diagram are then cut the other direction. This prevents that problem of the last piece of cake wanting to fall over before you are ready to remove it from the cake to a plate. All cake pieces remain attached to the cake until you are ready to cut them individually and remove them to the cake plate. All shapes of cake can be cut similarly.

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