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Two Fun Cakes - Pizza and the Hamburger

The Hamburger Cake or Slotsky's Sandwich

45 Servings

I have made several variations of this cake in the past 25 years.  Most of them have been hamburgers with ruffle potato chips.  This particular picture was a groom's cake where he requested a Slotsky's Sandwich with Doritos.  The hardest thing to figure out was the Doritos. And yes they are made of sugar (gumpaste) and they are edible.

For the Hamburger

1.  Bake a 2 layer round chocolate cake, cool completely and trim the cakes top side down to have a rounded shape such as hamburger buns. Save ALL of the chocolate cake scraps.
2.  On a sheet of wax paper - ice the bottom bun with off-white icing and invert onto a cake board (iced side down).  Ice the top of this layer with mustard colored buttercream icing.
3.  Mix the chocolate cake scraps with chocolate buttercream icing to make a heavy paste and shape this mixture into the hamburger patty.  Be sure and make the shape slightly irregular so some of the mustard below will show on the bun below.  Place the patty on the bun.  (This really looks like a cooked hamburger patty)
4.  Use leftover fondant, thickened buttercream or gumpaste to make the chopped onions, slice of cheese and the olive.  Roll out the white for onions and cut and separate to resemble chopped onions.  Mold the olive out of moss green and place a bit of red in the top to resemble the pimento.  (reserve - this will go on the top center of the hamburger with a toothpick through it)  On a piece of wax paper roll out a golden yellow piece of fondant large enough for a slice of cheese on your hamburger.  Cut in a square and place on the hamburger patty.
5.  Color buttercream icing for the lettuce and tomatoes.  Put these icings in bags with 104 tips.  (I get the real lettuce and tomatoes out of the refrigerator to match the colors.)  Lettuce is made with a slight ruffling motion and the thin edge of the tip to the outside.  Tomato slices are made with the wide edge of the tip to the outside.
6.  Make a layer of icing lettuce, then a layer of tomato slices and sprinkle with chopped (icing) onions
7.  Ice the top of the cake with off white icing (on wax paper) and peel the wax paper off of the bottom and carefully place on top of the hamburger and vegetable (icing) stack.
8.  Airbrush the top and bottom buns starting with a light gold and gradually darkening the color to brown until you get a realistic look.
9.  With a #3 tip make sesame seeds with light gold icing and spray the top bun again lightly with brown.
10.  Stick a toothpick through the olive and into the top of the hamburger.

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Slotsky Sandwich differs only by the meat.  Ham, Salami or whatever is requested is made from fondant.  Matching color as close as possible.

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Ruffle potato chips:
Color gumpaste a soft golden beige.  Make various size balls and roll out to 1/8" thickness.  In rolling strive for a potato chip shape (in other words not perfectly round but more oval irregular shapes).  Take a portion of a car mat or rug runner with (VVVVV) surface.  You will need two pieces.  One for the top and one for the bottom. 
Wash  thoroughly before using with your icing.  Place the rolled out gum paste between the two pieces of mat and press for instant ruffle looking chips.  Remove and shape and let dry.  When the chips are totally dry, finish the coloring with your air brush starting with the light golden brown touches and adding darker brown touches last.  Let these dry and arrange like real potato chips with your hamburger or sandwich.

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Make a mold for your Doritos using Sculpy or Model Magic.  Roll out this mold material and press real Doritos firmly into the soft mold material.  Make several sizes and shapes.  Make yourself matching patterns from lightweight cardboard or card stock.  Color several small balls of gumpaste orange, dark gold, brown and black.  Using a vegetable grater - grate these into real fine pieces.  Reserve.

Now make your base color for your Doritos matching the general color of the chips.    Roll this out.  Cut your chip shapes and sprinkle randomly over this gold gumpaste the bits of grated colors.  Roll this into the gold dough.  Press these into the previously made molds and shape to dry.   Randomly lay them over small objects or wadded up paper towels to dry.

This is a fun cake but you can tell it is also a lot of work.

Pizza Cake

70 Servings

Buttercream icing with fondant pepperoni, peppers and etc.

Pizza in cake and icing image

Or how about a taco, hamburger, submarine sandwich or a chocolate pizza Check these out

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