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A Sample Brides Letter to be filled out and given to your customer


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Dear Bride to be ..

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the planning of your wedding. You must make many decisions about flowers, photographer, wedding and reception locations, caterers etc., and your very special dress. All of this planning is done to build a special memory for the start of your new life.

A special design can be incorporated into your wedding cake. Your only limits are your imagination. Please feel free to let me know if you have something special you would like. Remember that you can change almost anything up to the TWO weeks before the wedding , if you are NOT using gum paste flowers. 2 Months before if you plan to use the gum paste flowers. Please, no changes in size or design after the TWO week deadline.

Ingredient cost is nominal in your cake - but time is a major factor. Some cakes can be baked and decorated in one day and others require weeks of preparation time. The more time involved in your special cake the more costly it will be.

Flavors offered at this time are - (The most popular flavors) ,

Kahlua Fudge Sour Cream White Italian Cream
Kahlua Velvet Strawberry Carrot
German Chocolate Lemon Banana Nut
Cinful Fudge Italian Creame Dreamsicle

Wedding cake servings on a two layer cake are one inch wide and two inches long (see diagram) or two inches square on a one layer cake. I will try to make the serving of your cake as easy as possible. You are paying for the pretty on your cake so we want to keep it pretty as long as possible. All cakes cannot be handled the same and I will be glad to advise you on your particular cake design. You will need two people to serve each cake ordered.

You will need to make arrangements for your cake knife, servers and the cake mitts.

Cake serving diagram 10" cake cutting diagram

Follow the numbers in numerical order for the best cutting guide.
On the table behind the cake you should have a small tray with a cutting knife, one protective glove, damp towel (for cleaning the knife as necessary), 
When the cake is cut you always leave a short piece ( such as the #5, 13 and 21 lines) attached to the cake which supports the rows of cake being served. 

More details on serving the cakes here.

Delivery and setup of your cake is included in your price if you are within the Lubbock area. There will be a charge of $3.00 per mile (one-way) for delivery outside the Lubbock area.

After the wedding, please return, as soon as possible, all of the pieces used in the assembling of your cake (metal, plastic, fabric, Styrofoam, wood, etc.). If this is a problem please notify me. A fee of $50 will be charged if it is neccessary for me to pick up the equipment in ________

Because it is so expensive, I require a fee to cover equipment that may be returned damaged or not returned at all. The retainer will be completely refunded when the wedding is over and all equipment is returned in good condition.
( Please Note: The plate under the first anniversary cake must also be returned to get your deposit back) The retainer fee will not be applied to the cost of your wedding cake. If the equipment is not returned by _(one week)__ a late fee of $5 per day will be charged. If the equipment is not returned within _(2)_ weeks the retainer check will be cashed and not refunded to you

A nice finishing touch for your cake is fresh greenery around the base of your cake. This is an inexpensive touch and helps to set the cakes apart from the rest of the decorated tables. Your florist will be able to help you choose the appropriate foliage. If you are using fresh flowers on your cake the florist is responsible for the flowers and making sure that the flowers and foliage are safe to place on an edible cake. Some flowers and foliage are not safe to use. It is your responsibility to select wisely with the assistance of your florist. If you want me to place the fresh flowers on the cake you must tell me and the florist and there will be an additional fee of $30 per tier charged for that service.

Your first Anniversary cake will be very tasty if you will follow these instructions. Remove the cake from the separator plate by slipping a knife between the separator plate and the cardboard under the cake. Place the cake in a appropriate size box and wrap the entire box with several layers of plastic wrap and aluminum foil and then place the whole thing in another plastic container. When you are ready to eat your anniversary cake, remove the container from the freezer and let the cake thaw in the container with the aluminum and plastic still covering the box. Do not unwrap/open it until it is totally thawed. When the cake has time to thaw completely, remove the cake from the container/box, unwrap and enjoy!

At your reception area you will find a complimentary 6" heart cake for you to take on your honeymoon. You can then enjoy more than the traditional one bite of cake you eat for your pictures. Have someone add other goodies (served at your reception) to this box.

Cancellation Policy - If the wedding cakes are canceled after _____________________ (less than 4 months) before the scheduled wedding date, the retainer will not be refunded.

Retainer of $__________ was received on this date _______________   (This retainer fee does not apply to the cost of the wedding cakes)

Your wedding cake is ordered for _____ servings with ______ tiers, and ____ separations, at $________per serving for a total of $_________.____

                                                                             Your grooms cake is ordered for _____ servings at $_______ per serving for a total of $_________.____

Other Expenses ______________________________________________________________________________________ $__________.____

Delivery Fee ( 3.00 per mile one way )for out of town wedding/reception .......................................................................................................$__________.____

Total Due .....$_________.____

All detail changes and payment in full are due by _______________________

If payment is made after due date - payment in full must be made in cash.

God Bless You and I will do my best to make your wedding cake a very special part of your wedding day memories.

Thank you and sweet wishes in your new life

Earlene Moore

Email address is     Phone No. __________________________
........................ My online website can be found at

Cake Decorators - Please feel free to copy this and make any changes you need for your own letter for your brides. This will put in writing your personal policies to lessen any misunderstandings.

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