Airbrush Designs on some fun cakes

Several cakes done with the airbrush. From the very basic to the
more difficult portraits - these cakes show some of the versatility in using the air brush.

I am not an expert with the airbrush - but I do enjoy using it when the need arises.
Gaining expertise with an airbrush does require practice and a little artistic ability.
ility helps.

Airbrushed watermelon cae

This watermelon slice cake was just plain fun. Simple and effective for someone with a summer birthday. I made a stencil for the seeds. The stencil made those multiple seeds a little easier to do.


12" round one layer cake

20 servings

2.50 per serving

This baby shower cake was a really cute idea.
The top of the cake was a close duplicate to one
side of the box of diapers.

The hostesses then took the diapers out of the box
and put a flower arrangement coming out of the box
as the floral centerpiece to use on the table.

24 servings

$4.50 per serving

airbrushed diaper box cake
airbrushed bear A cute fun cake idea for a child or any one of us who wishes they were a child again.

35 servings

3.00 per serving

Portraits are a little more difficult to do with an air brush. Mistakes can't be erased so they take some practice.

Buddy Holly was from here in Lubbock. There is now a special Music Festival in the fall which recognizes his special talent as well as other very talented musicians who contributed greatly to the music of our generation. (Now that does date me doesn't it)

This portrait was done for a kick off fund raiser in 1998 to purchase and house some of the special memorabilia of his. That museum is now open with many of his things as well as other musicians from this area.

We don't have much in the way of scenery here.
But, we do have lots of talented people who make our area colorful.


50 dollar bill in cake

The air brush was used for most of the cake and then details were painted on. Lettering and numbers were piped on to finish the detailing.

A 9 X 13 changed by cutting off one 2 inch strip the length of the cake. Cutting that piece in half and placing those two pieces on one end to give the right dimensions for the dollar bill.

text describing techniques for 50 dollar cake


This was done for a brides father who was having his 50th birthday on her wedding day. She wanted him to know she hadn't forgotten him that day.

25 servings - $5.00 per serving

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