Our house and yard projects 1972 - 2009

Septic tank 1.2Spetic2009
In 2003 we had to replace the septic system in our back yard. You can see it
was a blank canvas with nothing to make anyone want to go in the back
of the house. A total mess when they left.
Basically the same view of the yard in 2009. The tiny pecan tree, light pole and swing set are the three landmarks to see the difference. Even the light pole had to be replaced. Probably only 50+ years old.
Now I will take you through some steps of transforming our house and yard.
SWCorner SWCorner2009

2003 The fence was the first major project and then Dannie wanted a
Deck in this corner. We planted Crepe Myrtle bushes spaced around
the perimeter - see the tiny bush at the bottom right corner. Began putting some deck furniture in the yard to enjoy having a yard with actual green grass.

2009 - The swing is our favorite place to sit and have a coke once in a while when it is warm. Comfy and a nice view of the whole yard. Crepe Myrtle to the left center is beautiful in the fall. In 2008 we had a storm that picked that (steel frame) swing up and threw it over the fence and rolled it to the mail box in front. It is now strapped to the deck. Yep we do get some mighty winds here in West Texas.
2003 The new pond in the NW corner of the yard. We either did or supervised all the work in building the pond and the waterfall. The slope for the waterfall used most of the dirt dug out of the pond. It was a start to enjoying the peaceful sound of the water and enjoying the fish in the pond. 2003 was a busy year for us. The yard is huge and this also was a corner where grass didn't want to grow. So the pond took care of that barren corner.


The fall of 2003 and Spring of 2004 Dannie built the pond house. A place we could still enjoy the water and the fish out of the elements in West Texas. Plus the back section stores another filter and tools, chemicals and etc needed for upkeep of the flower beds and pond.

2005 Pond in the early spring - the fish love the ball - in the winter they swim up into the ball where the water is warmer in the sun. They people watch.

2006 pond 2007 Pond
2006 the rail was added to the porch - for those of us who didn't really want to chance falling in the water. 2007 fall - the irises in the pond have multiplied.
2009Fish 2007 waterfall steps
2007 Fish at feeding time - All the small fish were hatched in the pond. 2007 Spring - Dannie removed all the large rocks and re-did the yard side of the waterfall. Much easier to take care of and plant.
Step Bed 2007 pond

2009 Falll - Waterfall Steps - New planting of snapdraggons near top, Strawberrues on the bottom. A few solar lights Balancing poles for when I have to pull weeds or plant flowers.

2008 fall - That is a fake Blue heron on the left center- we had a problem with a live Blue Heron who thought our fish were his gourmet breakfast dining pond a couple of years ago. Since the Herons are territorial we haven't had another one in the yard. Just have to do some touch up painting every spring to keep it real looking.
NECorner 2008

2003 NE Corner of the yard - pretty bare isn't it.

2005 2005NECorner
2005 NE Corner spring 2005 summer   2007 - fall
2009 NE Corner - late summer or early fall
2004 SE Corner - In the center (under the dirt) is a concrete pad that is the top to a celler that was here when we bought the house. The first step was 18" down - that was a dozzy of a first step. Needless to say none of us went down there unless it was really necessary.
Pergula build
Cellar door to the bottom right - necessary in this part of the country if a Tornado should come our way. We have had one close call. It just took part of the roof off and and rain came through the ceiling in the cake kitchen. Decorated the wedding cake for that weekend in front of the picture window in the living room. The roof metal strips cut the electrical lines coming into the house. Was glad all the icing was made and all cakes were baked. We were without power for a few days.
2005 We cleanned all the dirt off of the top of the concrete. Dannie and his brother built the Pergula on top of it in the middle of the East side of the yard. It helps balance out the pond on the West side.

2006 Pergula

2006 - Sun screen added to the top of the pergula and lattice on the west end to block some of the West sun in the evenings.

Pergula Night
Evenings with warm tempretures and twinkle lights - summer 2009
2007 2008 Pergula
2007 - these are the planter boxes Dannie originally built on two sides.
So easy to plant and water. Love them - Impatiens love these south side troughs. Pansies are planted in the troughs in the fall for some color in the yard during the winter.
2008 Early Summer - Honeysuckle on the corners smells so good when it is blooming,
Pergula S Side
South side of pergula with new herb bed - Cellar (underground room) door on lower left of photo
2005 - 1st years growth on this Empress Tree - Dannie is 6 ft tall.
We watched this grow in amazment
2009 Waaterlilly 2009 Tree
2008 One of the water lillies in the pond with its dragon fly buddies. Love the water lillies - multiple colors bloom 3 days and then they are gone. White, yellow, peach and pink blooms in the pond with over a dozen plants in the pond. 2009 NE Corner - same tree that is shown above
Swing Spanish Broom
2007 swing and slide Dannie and Dan built when the grand children were small - many years ago. Trumpet vine is almost covering the top. The childrens swings are gone and adult swings are in their place 2009 Spring - Spanish Broom and New Raised Herb Bed


I thought Dannie had lost his mind the first time we looked at this house in 1971.1972 Front of House 1972
we purchased it and It was in really bad shape. Old Model T garage and a mess inside as well - BUT - it had 2 1/2 acres and potential. First remodel project was in 1975 enclosing the front porch and adding it to the Master bedroom, With 3 young children we choose to only do projects as we could pay for them.

Original house back

Back of the house after the grey siding was added, Model T garage on right.

FirAdding new garage

House with siding

On the left

1979 Addition of double garage and making larger living room. Porch, siding and new roof. UPS deivery man wanted to know when we moved this house in. When we told him it was the same house he didn't believe me. Finally it felt like a house we would live in. Pecan tree in front was planted about 1973

Red roof added
Dannie picked up some groceries on his way home from work. He came into the kitchen and cakes were on every flat surface in the house. He then realized we had to make a work space for the cake business it had taken over our lives one more time. Half of the garage was converted to the Cake Kitchen and red roof added in 1996

Brides room added


1998 Brides room and other half of garage was converted to more work space for the cakes.

1999 Storage House, Concrete Drive and ramp up to the cake rooms were added.


2009 the front of the house. We have flower beds all around the house in the front and the back. The pecan trees have gotten huge and most years we have enough pecans for us and plenty to share.

Rose of Sharon
Love these rose of sharon bushes. Three color blooms on one bush.

2006 A bad dirt storm blew our other mail box down in the middle of the road. So Dannie built us a bigger and sturdier mailbox for all the packages we send out.
Irises on the East end of the house

Stella de Ora lillies beside the drive. Multiply like crazy.


There are more flower beds and flowers but I didn't think you wanted to see everything around our place. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our work over the last 37 years.

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