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Turkey Feathers and Shotgun Shells

2D Tree

Tree #4

75 Servings

The bride and groom both had horticulture degrees. They wanted a tree that wasn't flat but sculptured. Thank goodness they didn't want it standing up. They requested lots of individual leaves, branches showing, and their initials carved into the tree trunk.

The little fondant branches and the little disk with their initials carved into it were made ahead of time. Dry or let them set up to where you can handle them. The tree was constructed from a loaf pan and various sizes of small round cakes. After the round cakes were placed randomly, carved and crumb coated in white icing it indeed was a strange looking cake.

The tree trunk was carved from the loaf cake and the trimmings were added to the top for more dimension. The tree trunk was iced with brown buttercream and then using a fork to make the rough texture like tree bark. Place the little disk with the initials on the trunk and airbrush with brown/black airbrush color. The leaves on the top of the tree were individually piped using three 349 tips and three different shades of green. Lots of little leaves on this design.

Gumpaste butterfly

Tree stump with fruit cascade

Tree# 2
130 Servings
A Gumpaste Butterfly was made to lightly perch on the tree trunk
Gumpaste Butterfly an additional fee

Tree #2
Butterfly an additional fee

This Tree Stump buttercream icing cake is one of the fun very basic cakes. An old fashioned love symbol for young couples

Tree stump

Tree stump with butterfles

Tree Stump with Butterflies

165 Servings

Buttercream and fondant icing

Rice paper butterflies
an additional fee each


90 Servings - Buttercream and fondant icing with rice paper butterflies Pricing above

This day I will marry my friend:
The one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love

Buttercream iced tree

60 Servings

Love is like a butterfly,
It goes where ever it pleases,
and it pleases,
Where ever it goes.

Turkey top

Serves 150
Turkey feathers and Shotgun Shells are an additional fee
Yes the turkey feathers and shotgun shells are edible

Turkey feathers

Buttercream icing with piped turkeys and TT's
Rice paper edible turkey feathers
Gumpaste edible shotgun shells
Chocolate dipped strawberries

Shotgun shells

Grooms cake for

Buttercream icing with chocolate drizzle
Gumpaste Shotgun shells
Rice Paper Turkey Feathers

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