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Airbrush Cabinet Instructions
4 photos

Yard and House changes over the last 30 years.


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Bride's and Cake Decorators Information

Brides Letter
Brides and Business Links

Cake cutting and serving instructions
Cake Serving Chart and Explanation
Links - Decorators around the world
Things a brides should know
Wedding Cake Order form


Cake Crumb Recipes
Favorite Recipes
Icing Recipes
Recipes - Cakes and etc.

Cake Show, club and mini-class Info

Cake show Hints
Hamburger, baby's picnic, lambeth ring, nirvana pansy's

Cake Club Info
Friendly Frosters Cakes page
Multiple photos of out cake club members work

Groom's Cakes
Grooms Cake Index

Armadillo Cake
Armadillo, armature sketch, artist, Africa
Basketball,Baseball, Backgammon
Backgammon, (5) baseball, (3) basketball
(2) round and( 3) oval basket cakes
Burger and Pizza
Hamburger, Pizza
Cactus cakes
(3) Cakes with prickly pear cactus
Camera and Longhorn Cakes
(2) camera, cyclist, longhorn
Castle cakes
(3) castles
Computer cakes
(3 -3D IMac, Sheet cake
Cotton Bale Cakes
(3) cotton bales, (2) Love Web, Cooler, Dbl Heart
Curls in chocolate on cakes
(2) cakes with curls
Drum cakes
(2) drums, (1) sheet cake

Fishing Cakes
Fishing on Lake, Trout, Fishing Lures, Diamonds, Hook, Line and Sinker
Fishing Creel Cake
(5) Photos of Fishing Creel Cake
Fruit on Cakes
Fresh fruit on chocolate cakes #1, 1-7 with Air Force Emblem, 1-3, 1-6, Mint fruit #3
Golf Cakes
Golf 1, 4, 5 and 6
Grapes and Roses cakes
Roses #3, Grapes #2-2, 2 - Roses
Greek Column Cakes

(3) Greek Column, 5 Globe Cakes
Hunter and Nut Cakes
(7) photos hunter cakes, 3 with Nuts
Ice Skate and Horny Toad Cakes
(3) Horny Toad, 2 Ice Skate
Labrador and Prairie Dog Cakes
(4) photos with Lab's, Prairie Dog
Music designed cakes
(3) Guitar Photos
Strawberries on cakes
(7) chocolate cakes with strawberries
Strawberries on cakes 2

(6) chocolate cakes with strawberries
SWA & Space Shuttle, Smiley
Southwest, Shuttle,
Texas A&M
(2) with TTseal,
bon-fire cake
Texas U Longhorns
(2) with UT, cooler chest, 2 with/ choc longhorns
2D tree, butterfly, 5 tree stumps, Shotgun shells and turkey feathers
TT Cakes
(5) with TT seal, 8 with Double T's
Villa Pladio
(3) photos
Western cakes
Painting, Horseshoe, Boots and Hat, 2 hats

Special Occasion Cakes
Special Occasion Index

$50 Bill
$50 Bill
Baby Cakes
(5) photos
(5) photos with floral arrangements
Blown and Pulled Sugar
Examples from students in a 1999 class.
Cakes by the Grandchildren
Mission, Adobe, Flower Box, Sleeping bag, Castle
Cookie Cookie Jars
(6) cookie jar photos, 2 gingerbread house
Cross and other cakes
Cross and (10) floral cakes
Grandchildren's BD Cakes
(12) birthday cake photos for family members
Marshmallows decorated
(17) photos of the Marshmallow treats
Marzipan decorations and cakes
(2) leaf basket, leaf & nut cake, bears, bears on tree, (2) trays, poinsettia cake, nativity, (4) village with trees, (2) marshmallow baskets, Vegetable arrangement on sheet cake
Past Fast Food sugar pieces
Chocolate Pizza, Taco, hamburger, 3 Submarine sandwich
Past Largest Cake
Past Show Cakes
25th Annv. (2photos), Nirvana, Picnic, Hamburger, Lambeth techniques using all buttercream icing.
Past Cakes
21st Birthday, bowling
, sm castle, clown, butterfly sheet, fish,
, cactus, (2)cotton farmer
Sweet Little Boxes

(21) photos of little sugar boxes

Wedding Cake Information
Wedding Cake Index

Amy's Cake
Alice in Wonderland, Amy, Amber,

Basket weave with fruit
Basket weave 1-5, 1-6, 1-7
Bows 2
Bows 1-4, Bows, Buttons & Daisies, Bows and Bells #5
Bows N' Package Cakes
#3, 4-2, 5, 6, 6-2
Brook, Brandy & Grapes N' Leaves
Brooke, Brandi, Grapes #3
Castle cakes
Castle - Gray, Pink, with Dragons
Christine design cakes
Christine #13-3, 7-3, Jack, 13-5
Curls and fantasy daisy cake
Curls #5, 9-2
Debbie design cakes
Debbie 1-7, 8, Debbie lace point, sample of Debbie scroll imprint, dress bow diagram explanation
Doris design cakes
Doris #1, 1-7, 1-10, 1-11,
Drape Cakes
(2) Drapes 3, 3-2, 2, 2-2
Drape Cakes page 2
Drapes, Drapes 5, 3-Drapes 5-2,
(3) Drapes 1-2

Embroidery Cakes
Embroidery, 2, 2-2
Embroidery & Drapes, 1-6, 2-3, Hearts & Flowers
Embroidery 2 Cakes
(3) Embroidery & lace #3, 1-2,
Janie Design Cakes
Janie, (5) photos of Wizard of Oz cake
Julie Design Cakes
Julie, 2, 2- Julie #3, 5
Karla's Cake
Karla, 2 - Lauren's Design
Lace 1 cakes
Lace #10,

Lace 2 cakes
Lace #5-4, 8, 8-2, Lace & Pearls,
Lattice cakes
Lattice 2-3, 7, 8,

Marla and Monica cakes
Marla 2-2, 2 -#3, 2-#3-2-2, 4, Monica, Melinda's Choices
MS Lattice Cakes
Lattice #9, 9-1
Pearls 1 cakes
Pearls #1, 1-6, 1-2, 1-3, 1-9, #2-4, 2,
2-2, 10, 3, (2) 3-2, Yellow rose of TX

Pearls 2 cakes
Pearls and Flowers, Pearls 4, Pearls with Puffy Bow, Pearls #6 with stars, Pearls #5,
Pearls 3 cakes
(2) Pearls #7 with cut work, (2) Pearl Flowers, (2) Chocolate beads & Roses, Amanda, (3) Pearls #8 with/ smocking & butterflies
Ribbons and Wilkerson cakes
Ribbons #3 with bows, Alyson's Choice, Language of Love, Wilkerson #2
Scrolls and Simplicity cakes

Circles and Swirls, Scrolls #1-2, Lacy, Simplicity #1, 3, 2, Simplicity-Tami,
Simply Elegant cakes

Abbie, Abbie 2, Amanda, Leaves & Cranberries, Stephanie's Red Roses
Snowflakes and Tie died cakes
(2) Snowflakes #3, Snowflakes, Snowflakes & Pearls, Tie Dyed, #2, #3
Symphony & Starlight
Music-Symphony, Starlight

Product Pages

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Listing of instructions still available

Rope Discs and base

Cake Decorators Instruction pages

Cake Porportions
Cake Serving Chart and Explanation
Chat Info covering basic assembly, rice paper butterflies and photography
Color article
Fondant Chart - how much needed for a cake
Heart Cake with instructions
(4) photos
Package cake construction
(11) photos - covering boards, 7 photos constructing a stacked package cake
Pearl Instructions - how to make them
Pearl Chart and figuring how many you need
(7) Photos
Product Examples - making fondant rope in four sizes
Wedding Cake Order form

Articles about
The business of cakes

Business articles index
Business article1 - Getting started
Business article 2 - Increasing your skills
Business article 3 - Legalities
Business article 4 - Building your business
Business article 5 - Specialty Equipment?
Business article 6 - Serving Chart
Business article 7 - Eliminating construction problems
Business article 8 - Ingredient Safety
Business article 9 - Pricing your cakes
Business article 10 - Preventing Burn Out

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