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Tiered wedding cakes with different designs on each tier are quite stunning.  If you just can't make up your mind with one design - this is one solution. To keep it balanced - the heaviest design needs to be on the bottom tier working to the lightest design at the top tier

Edible pearls - hard (like tiny jawbreakers) or soft (handmade from fondant) - can be purchased on the shopping cart.   Yes - custom colors can be ordered such as ivory, pale pink and etc.  Custom colors orders should give us more advance time to fill your order. 

A page listing approximately how many pearls you need for some of the cakes is here

Chels wedding ck

Chels cake close up

Chealsea and Brad's wedding cake 9/30/06
15", 12", 9" and 6 inch tiers
Serves 150
Top tier with the patterned pearls was marked with the 3/4" dot mat
I prefer the 3/4" dot mat for the 6 to 8 inch tiers and then use the 1" dot mat for larger tiers

Top tier has 5 MM soft pearls, second tier has 4 MM soft pearl accents, 3rd tier down has random soft pearls using 7MM, 6MM, 5MM and 4MM
2 Top tiers have the 6MM pearls base border done with the 6MM beadmaker. 2 Bottom tiers have the 8MM soft fondant pearls border made with the 8 MM beadmaker. Bottom tier has 6MM, 5MM and 4 MM soft pearl accents.

This is my favorite tier design in this cake. Just thought you might enjoy a closer look. Multiple circles of various sizes are cut from thin fondant and allowed to dry slightly before applying to the cake tier. (to apply to the cake - brush the backs with water - just to make them sticky - not wet) Tapered fondant strips are coaxed into swirls on your work surface, allowed to dry slightly and then applied to the buttercream icing. Circles and swirls were then painted on the cake with pearl dust/lemon extract mixture.

Pearls #1 Design

Pearls #1
410 Servings
$3.50 per serving

Buttercream Icing with
Fondant hand made pearls

Gumpaste Puffy Bow
an additional fee of $40.00

From the top down designs are
Asst size pearls, Christine, Doris, Debbie and Janie

Instructions for this cake are sold here
The instructions for the puff base which you see under all of these cakes is also sold on the same page.

Pearls #1-6
Pearls #1-6
265 Servings
$3.50 per serving

Buttercream icing with fondant pearls
Accented with fresh flowers by Town South Flowers

Pearls 1-2

Pearls 1-3

Pearls # 1-2
Pricing as above

210 Servings in these four tier wedding cakes

Pearls # 1-3
Pricing as above

Buttercream icing with gumpaste bows

Pearls #1-9

210 Servings
Pricing as above
Buttercream icing with edible fondant pearls and gumpaste puffy bow.

Pearls #1-10

50 Servings
$6.00 per serving with flowers and leaves
Buttercream icing with Gumpaste flowers and leaves. Fondant pearls

Pearls # 2-4

Brides cake for
Heather Smith and Brandon Smith
135 Servings
$3.50 per serving
Buttercream icing with edible pearls
Fresh flowers by Floral Affairs Unlimited

Pearls #2

210 Servings
$3.50 per serving

Buttercream Icing with

Edible Fondant Pearls and

Gumpaste Bows additional fees
Puffy bows $40
Dress bows $20 each

Pearls 2

Pearls #2-2

95 servings
Pricing as above

5/25/02 for Gina Weber and John Lomax

Buttercream icing with fondant pearls


Gumpaste puffy bow

Pearls #10
6/22/02 Wedding

150 Servings
Pricing as above

Buttercream icing with fondant pearls and gumpaste bows





Pearl Cake for Amanda Moss

6/5/ 04

Buttercream icing with fondant pearls and trim

Gumpaste puffy bow an additional fee


160 Servings

16, 12, 9 and 6 inch tiers

Pearls 3

Pearls #3

170 Servings
$5.00 per serving
Cake top additional fee

Rolled Fondant icing

with tiny royal icing roses

tiny gumpaste leaves

and handmade edible fondant pearls

Top fence and lattice is gumpaste

Pearls w/ umbrella


Pearls # 3-2 with Umbrella

170 servings
$5.50 per serving
Cake top an additional fee

Royal icing toothpick roses, tiny gp blossoms and edible fondant pearls

Gumpaste umbrella made from Sugar Bouquets lace mold # 8S360 with royal icingand fondant edible pearls for trim. Larger royal icing roses under the umbrella.

Yellow Roses of Texas
250 Servings
$8.00 per serving

Rolled fondant icing and pearls. Gumpaste/fondant drapes and bows. Non-paril accents. Gumpaste roses and leaves

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