The largest cake I was ever asked to do.

Back in 1972 the church we were attending was having a special anniversary and reunion celebration. Each years anniversary celebration had a theme and that years theme was "The Year of Elisha".

I have had several questions wondering just what this cake was about.  Elisha was a prophet of God and a friend of Elijah. When he watched Elijah being taken to heaven in a chariet his years as a prophet of God began. The scripture below will answer your questions about this special man of God. 

1 Kings 19:19-21(Elisha is called to follow Elijah),1 Kings 19: 21 - 2 - 22:53 (Elijah's following God), 2 Kings 2:1 - 2-17 (Elisha is a friend to Elijah and sees Eiljah carried up into heaven in a chariot of fire in 2 Kings 2:11), 2 Kings 19: 19 - 25 through 2 Kings 13:20 (The life of Elisha as recorded in the bible)

This is the only photo I have of that enormous undertaking. They wanted approximately 1100 Servings of cake and wanted it very fancy with Elijah to be mounted on the top and at a set time he was to take off into the air on his way to heaven. A friend of mine agreed to do Elijah and take care of that part of it. It was my job to figure out how to bake cakes, make icing for this huge cake, make all the red roses and all the royal icing wings. Yes all those wings standing on the edges of those tiers are icing. That was the first time I had made those wings and I spent weeks making all those pieces. Hundreds of rose buds are at the base of the second and third tiers. But the thought of baking that much cake and making that much icing was a bit daunting. (At this time I had only had one beginner buttercream class from a local Bakery owner) The base for this cake was 8 ft long and 4 ft wide. Only the top 2 inches of each tier was actual cake but to make it big and impressive the rest of the cake is a wooden frame covered with icing and decorations.

I contacted a local bakery and they agreed to bake all the sheet cakes and make the buttercream icing for me. It was a daunting task just to pick up all the cakes, icing and get all the roses, wings, spatulas, tips and etc down to the auditorium. Two of my friends who are also decorators came and helped get this very large cake assembled and decorated. There were christmas red lights that were mounted in the front of the cake so we simply had to fill the area around those lights with red icing.

Because of its massive size it had to be totally assembled at the site where it was to be used. The Municipal Auditorium was to be used that night. Three of us worked all day putting all the icing, roses and lace pieces together. It was to be a surprise presentation during the service on Sunday. But, one of the other churches was using that auditorium on Saturday night and saw what was going on. One of their people called the newspaper and needless to say the surprise picture of the cake was in the paper the next morning.

Over the years we attended that church there were several very unusual cakes done. I didn't have a really good camera at that time so I don't have good pictures of these cakes.
1. A 9 ft. long train made from cake that really whistled and had puffs of smoke (pwd sugar)coming from the smoke stack. Somewhere in the boxes of old photos I do have a photo of that cake
2. A very large mountain dummy cake with a church on one side with people continuallycoming around the mountain and entering the church
3. George Washington that looked like he was talking on the top of a patriotic red/white/blue decorated large dummy cake
4. A Miniture Battle of Armagedan on a multi tiered dummy cake with firecrackers that went off and toy soldiers flying into the air.

5.  The Ark of the Covenant - life size in dummy cake (We had to take the door off of the hinges at the shop to get that cake out the door to deliver it when it was finished

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