Show Cakes from the Past

Cakes that are simply not practical for customers to buy.  Show work only - to expand my skills.

This small rectangular cake was done in 1985 for the ICES show in honor of Joan McDaniel.  She had taught us how to do the brushed embroidry and this top was done on a sheet of greased wax paper (pealed off when dry) and used as a floating top approximately 1 inch above the cake.  Only the tiny lines of royal icing hold up this top along with the 25 in the center.  Tiny lace points were added along with floating string work scollops on the sides. 

I had also designed and used this cake as an entry for the San Antonio 25th Anniversary division at the cake show. The mall was giving a $300 gift certificate for that division since it was their 25th Anniversary.  That prize bought the center diamond in my butterfly ring. 

This is a Nirvana style cake with royal icing collars and panels with gumpaste pansys and leaves for accent colors.

All the little flowers, animals and etc are sugar items

Buttercream only division - yes those rings are buttercream

Hamburger with cheese and etc - all cake and icing
Yes, those chips and pickle are sugar also.

red lambeth
This cake and rings are royal icing.
Fondant, royal icing and gumpaste to construct
this cake for the OKSAS - 3rd runner up that year
Yes it was two subtle different colors.

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