Page 2 of Cake Designs shared by other Cake Artists

Beautiful designs to inspire your imagination - Thank You to all the sugar artists who shared these photos with me.
I would love to share more photos from you - just send your photos with the lace or impression mats to with your name in the email so I can give you credit for the design work.

All cakes shown below have (either or both) Enhanced Lace Designs and Our Impression mats

Austin Lace dome cake

A beautiful cake usog the Viola Enhanced Lace Mold. I apologize but I don't have a decorators name to put with this cake. If you know who created it let me know so I can give them credit for it.

Irene Hackbarth

Irene Hackbarth's beautiful cake using the Carolyn Enhanced Lace Mold upside down. It took me a few minutes to figure out just which mold she used. Good job irene

Chris Blk & Wht
Another cake creation by Chris Cantrell.
3rd tier using the Carolyn Enhanced Lace Mold on the 3rd tier.

Chris Peacock Cake

Chris Cantrell's wonderful Peacock cake. Using the Betty mold as the bottom border. Here is a list of the molds she used.
White peacock: breast = Mary, back, underneath feathers = Viola, back feathers = Betty. tail feathers = Gloria
Blue peacock: Breast = Viola, Side and back underneath feathers= Rose Mary, back feathers = Betty, tail feathers = Gloria

Dana Herbert Wed
Dana Herberts beautiful cake using the Peggy Sue Enhanced Lace Mold on the flaired bottom tier.

Melanie Stanger

Melanie Stanger created this beautiful white and ivory cake.
Rosemary mold used on the top tier and Mandy used on the bottom tier.

LaMeeka Edward did a replica of the cake I did for the ICES show 2011.
Beautiful work LaMeeka
Molds used from the bottom to the top
Betty, Viola and Mandy
Karen, Gloria and Chris
LaMeeka Edwards creation using the Karen Enhanced Lace Mold.
Roxanne cake with crown
Roxanne Moore did a fabulous job on this sweet cake. The Isomalt crown is a great topper.
Roxanne Moore's Isomalt crown (Betty Mold) that tops the cake on the right

Elizabeth Dixon

Elizabeth (McMillan) Dickson's beautiful cake using the molds

Shirley Left and RIght, Rose and Carolyn

Martha And Becky Guidry's cake

Martha and Becky of the Sweet Southern Ladies beautiful creation.

Using molds Betty and Joan.

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