Cake Designs shared by other Cake Artists

Beautiful designs to inspire your imagination - Thank You to all the sugar artists who shared these photos with me.
I would love to share more photos from you - just send your photos with the lace or impression mats to
with your name in the email so I can give you credit for the design work.

All cakes shown below have (either or both) Enhanced Lace Designs and Our Impression mats


Cake in full

Detail at an angle

This beautiful cake creation was done by Ted Scutti and Adam Starkey. I thought you would enjoy seeing their beautiful artsy sketch. This is a WOW of a cake creation. Lucky bride who had this cake for her wedding. Along with all the beautiful floral sugar work they used several of the Enhanced Lace Molds. Starting at the bottom of the cake Sheila and Chris. Peggy Sue on the next tier up. Up to Gloria. Up to Karen. Top tier uses Viola and Chris. Thank you so much for sharing with us guys. Great Decorating Skills and Fabulous Photography.

Detail at an angle

Fabian using the Sheila element

This cake was done by a new decorator in our area. He loves Alan Dunn's work (can you tell). These passion flowers took several days to construct from sugar - great job Fabian. He used the Sheila mold and cut just the element he needed for the blue accent pieces on this work of art.

Glenda using Sheila Mold

Glenda Galvez shared this beautiful cake photo.

Note the Sheila mold on the middle tier corners.


Alla levins Cake

Alla Levins Cake using the Betty, Peggy, Ruth, Rebecca, and Rosemary Enhanced lace Molds

Carrie Biggers Cake

Carrie Biggers Cake using the 1 1/2" Diamond mat and Enhanced Lace Molds Peggy, Betty and Sheila

Chris Crown

Chris Cantrells Crown using the Carolyn and Betty Enhanced Lace Molds

Carrie Biggers - detail

Close up of some of the details on the cake above.

Rachel Lewis Cake

Rachel Lewis Cake - note the top Challis decorated with the Sheila, Rebecca and Rosemary Enhanced lace molds.

Sweet Southern ladies with gold

Sweet Southern ladies using the molds - Mandy, Gloria and Viola

Chris Scroll

Chris Cantrell Cake- Impression Mat Scrolls and 3/4" Dots


Betty bottom border mold


Sweet Southern Ladies with flowers

Sweet southern Ladies using the Betty Enhanced Lace Mold

Sweet Southern Ladies 5 tier ivory

Sweet Southern Ladies using the Karen and Gloria Enhanced Lace Molds.

The Sweet Southern Ladies with cake

Great photo of the two Sweet Southern Ladies Becky and Martha with a sample cake in a new class format they are now teaching. Peggy Sue Enhanced Lace Mold used on the top round tier.

Chris's Cake

Chris Cantrell's Cake using the Enhanced lace molds on the top two tiers.
Betty and Ruth molds

Ted Scutti's Cake

Ted Scutti and Adam Starkey's Cake using the Mandy, Betty, Karen and Chris Molds.

Ted Scutti Detail

Ted Scutti and Adam Starkey cleverly made isomalt jewels to insert into the openings in the Mandy and Karen Molds.

Carrie Biggers Peacock Cake

Carrie Biggers using the Betty mold


Anne Ajadi using molds Betty, Mandy, Rosemary, Mary amd Ruth

Carrie Peacock Detail

Carrie Biggers using the Betty mold elements behind the peacock


Anne Ajadi using Molds Mary and Mandy

Karen Downeys Cake

Karen Downey's Cake using impression mats, 1 1/4"diamond, 1" dot and scroll

Edna's Chocolate cake
Edna De La Cruse Cake using elements from the Mandy Enhanced Lace Mold

Glendas cake with impression mats

Glenda Galvez also shared this photo of a cake she did using the impression mats. Diamond mats used on the top and bottom tiers and the scroll mat used on the center tier. Beautiful sugar paste bow completes this stunning simple design cake.


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