Details of OK 2011 Cake
Base Details
Base Center

Base Details

Base Corner

Base Center Detail Painted Base Corner Painted

Stencil on 1st tier

1st tier Stencil and lines painted

1st tier with molds

Molds applied and painting begun

1st and Base tiers in progress.

Entire Cake is done with FondX fondant and Royal Icing.
Flowers and Leaves were made with FondX Fondant with Tylose added.

All molds and piping were done in white icing

After designs were applied they were painted with a mixture of Amerimist Airbrush Ivory and Amerimist liquid pearl sheen. I thought I would get a soft ivory color - instead I got a soft Gold color

Stencils used were first very lightly applied with thin ivory royal icing and then they were overpiped with white royal icing and a #2 tip.

Fill in shapes were cut using the Filigree Cutters.
Butterflies are Rice/Wafer paper with royal icing bodies

Lines were painted on the 1st and 3rd tiers before molds were applied

Molds used in this design
Base - Shirley L & R elements, Viola
1st tier - Shirley L & R, Viola, Betty
2nd tier - Mandy, Carolyn elements, Viola, Betty
3rd tier - Shirley L & R (reduced), Betty
4th Tier - Karen, Betty
All Molds can be ordered through

3 rd tier stencil and lines painted

2nd & 3rd tiers detail

2nd tier and seperation tiers in progress

3rd tier

3rd tier finished

2nd tier painted

2nd tier still in progress

3rd tier Fin

4th tier

4th tier finished


painting in progress

The entire cake was done in white and then every detail was painted with the ivory airbrush and liquid airbrush pearl dust mixture.

cake without base borders

Tiers painted and ready for finishing bottom borders on top 3 tiers


Cake top front

Cake top back

Flowers and leaves assembled on top cake

Cake shown in OK
Cake as shown at the OK 2011 Show.

with Rice/Wafer Paper Butterflies

Cake now

Color is the same - lighting is different. To have it fit in my display shelf I had to remove the base board under it. Turn it 1/2 turn and then I added more butterflies to make it look right in that corner.

Display21 Display 12

Display Shelves

Dannie built these two display shelving units for me years ago. There is room for 4 tiered cakes or multiple smaller cakes.

Three foot between shelves for the tiered cakes.

Because we live on a dirt road in windy Lubbock, TX most display cakes don't last very many years. Special pieces are put into glass display cases for a longer shelf life.

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