How do you level cakes and know how tall to make the tiers in a tiered cake?

The Agbay leveler is a cake decorators essential tool. A fabulous super sharp leveling tool with multiple blades available for those who also like to torte their cakes.

#1. If your cakes have a hump in the center of the cake try turning the temperature of your oven down.
Cakes should bake flat in your pans. If the oven is to hot the sides will cook first and leave the center to keep rising - thus the hump in the middle of the cake. If you are accustomed to baking at 350º - turn it down to 325º.

#2. If you cake does have a hump in the center, cut the hump down and then use that extra cake taken off of the top to place around the sides of the cake top to level the cake top. Adhere the cake pieces with a light coat of buttercream applied under the cut pieces.

Trimmed pieces should be turned where the thicker edges are to the outside of the cake layer. Once all pieces are applied level the top again.

cake level diagram
Leveling cakes
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