Instructions for the Enhanced Lace Molds with the trimming "Ridge"

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Designs are already overpiped toyou to give you more dimension in the lace pattern

mold back

Bottom pattern on each mold for marking you sugar dough

Patent Pending on these molds
Name imprinted into the molds

"Blade" around the top of each design for trimming your sugar dough fast and easy.

The firm ridge around thetop of each design is what is called the "blade"

How to use the enhanced lace molds

Roll out the dough slightly thicker than the thickness for flowers. I normally do flower petals on the #5 setting on my pasta machine. The #4 thickness is good for the lace pieces. All pasta machines are not created equal - yours may be better on another thickness setting.

If you don't have a pasta machine, you can roll the dough out between 2 - 1/8" skewers Then roll it thinner - to about 1/2 that thickness


Imprint design outline using the back of the mold on your sugar dough. Imprint multiple patterns to cut apart


Cut around one imprinted design.

Very Important

Dust the bottom side of the sugar dough to be placed down into the mold with a knee hi stocking filled with cornstarch.

Dust the mold and then turn the mold upside down to remove any excess cornstarch


Lay rolled sugar piece on top of the mold - cornstarch dusted side down.

step 2-F
Using a small rolling pen - roll over the top of this sugar piece multiple times with light pressure until "blade" has trimmed the mold

Remove excess dough from around the mold

Press around the edges of the mold rolling the fingers in toward the center as your press firmly

Press firmly over the entire surface to imprint the design into your sugar piece.

If more detail is needed try using a stencil brush with a rubber band around the bristles of the brush

dough removal

To remove the sugar piece from the molds. Turn the mold upside down on a clean surface. Encourage one edge to begin to release the dough and roll back the mold away from the dough.

Scrunch the molded piece if you need it to be a little smaller. Stretch it slightly if you need it a little larger.

If you don't get enough detail it could be

1. You didn't press hard enough
2. Your sugar dough was to firm

You can always place the sugar piece back into the mold and press firmer. Because the pattern to these molds is significant - the sugar paste will fit right back into the pattern.

Molds can be used with Isomalt, fondant, gumpaste, chocolate and more

If you want to mold a chocolate piece with the silicone molds - warm the mold before filling with warm chocolate.


Using individual elements in the molds and Enhancing the designs.

13Carolyn 14 Carolyn
16 Carolyn

Get Creative and use elements from your molds.

All the molds have elements in them that can be used seperately as a design enhancer. Above are the steps to this cake design elements.

1. Imprint just the portion of the mold you will need.

2. Press into the mold

3. Trim around the design element needed angling in with a cutting wheel.

4. Neaten up the edges with the cutting wheel or a dresden/veining tool.


The whole mold is used for the side designs. Only the tip of the "Carolyn" mold is used for the next row up.
The bottom half of the mold is used for the center fill in design.


One of the first cakes done with the "Carolyn" enhanced mold.

Elements in Lace Molds

When purchasing a lace mold - look for all of the elements in that mold that can be seperated and used independently


Betty Elements


Carolyn Elements

Some suggestions on using the Lace Molds

Sometimes a customer only wants plain smooth icing and some lace accents. But if they really want the lacy look - here are a few examples

Karen w/ ribbon
Using the Karen Mold and adding short pieces of colored fondant in the windows gives you this look.

Rebecca Lace Pattern
Using the Rebecca Mold

The Left design is pearl dust painted only on the raised design.
Middle design is left plain
Right design is painted entirely with pearl dust/lemon extract mixture.

I used some of the Paula Stock small shape cutters to fill in spaces between the mold patterns
#1.5 tip was used to pipe the llace lines between the old pieces and the small shape pieces. Use a small paint brush to neaten down the ends and beginnings of the line pipings. the same tip was used to pipe around the small shape patterns.

Shirley LnR lace pattern

Shirley left and right elements were used to create this side design.

5 mm pearls and #1.5 piping were used to accent the mold pattern.

Betty n Rebecca Lace pattern

The Betty mold and the Flower from the Rebecca mold are used to create this design.

Left is left plain
Center is brushed all over with pearl dust/lemon extract mixture.
Right is pearl dust on raised areas only

#1.5 piping is added to give more of the connected lace pattern. I deliberately left it off of the right side so you could see the difference in the pattern without the connecting piping work.

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