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Labrador Retriever in icing as a top ornament on a grooms cake
and a Prairie Dog Cake

Labrador on Cake with strawberries.

Labrador close up

Strawberries #4

124 Servings
Icing dog an additional fee

Buttercream icing with chocolate dipped strawberries

In this wonderful sugar world of ours you never know what a person will request on a cake.
This dog was given to the bride by the groom. They both have a particular fondness for him and wanted him represented at their wedding.
I used Shirley Manbeck's technique for Royal Clay to ma
ke the dog.

Black Sugar lab on the top of the cake

150 Servings
Prarie Dog Cake

Prairie Dog Cake  

50 Servings

The young woman as part of her youth had enjoyed going out to the prairie dog town and feeding the little critters chunks of apple. She had been teased unmercifully by the groom, his friends and family about this little recreation of hers. So for a surprise she ordered this for his groom's cake.

The entire prairie dog, apple in his hand and his burrow hole are all cake and icing. We live in a rather sparse area of the country. No mountains, no rivers, no hills, just very flat farmland and prairie. In this prairie these little critters thrive on grass and seeds. The city of Lubbock has a protected area for the prairie dogs at the edge of one of the parks.


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