Items still available

Please send me an email to with a listing of the items you want.

Arrabella Wedding Cake 5 pages with the last one a color photo $5.20
Baseball Glove as written for ACD IN 7 pages $7.25

Buttercream Stencils - see top left cake and clown cake at the bottom of the page

4 pages $4.15

Brief Rice Paper Butterfly Ins
Butterflies are on finished cake at the bottom of the page

1 page $1.10
Castle Instructions with patterns 17 pages with patterns $14.00
Cake Serving Chart with explanation page 3 pages $3.60
Feather Instructions (Rice Paper) on Hunter #2-3 & below 6 pages $6.25
Ice Skate Instructions 13 pages $12.00
Lace Point Patterns and Instruction 2 pages $2.10
Mens Cake Items - needle nose pliars, fishing lures and bobbers, golf balls, cactus and more 11 pages $11.35
Puff Base Instructions - example
the fabric base under a lot of the brides and grooms cakes
7 pages $7.25
Pump Jack Instructions and patterns - example on bottom of page 3 pages $3.15
Shotgun Shells(gumpaste) instructions 2 pages $2.10
Snowflake Instructions and patterns 4 pages $4.15
Sweet Little Boxes 3 pages $3.15
Rope Discs and Base Give us two weeks to ship $45.00 plus cost of postage
Give us two weeks lead time to make the following for you.    

Gumpaste Shotgun Shells

Sold individually - Choose Red or Green

$5.20 each plus cost of postage

Turkey Feathers (Rice Paper)

Sold individually $5.0 each plus cost of postage
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