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Hunter scenes and Nutty Cakes


175 Servings

Buttercream icing with buttercream stencils

Hunter cake

Hunting, fishing and horseshoe cake

Hunter #1-2

124 Servings

Buttercream icing with chocolate dipped strawberries

Fondant duck hunter cake 1

fondant Hunter Cake 2

Hunter #3
Rolled fondant icing with fondant
hand molded ducks and cat tail leaves

55 Servings
Royal icing stenciled hunter and
piped cat tails

Instructions for making your own Turkey Feathers

and Shotgun shells can be purchased here.

Hunter #2-3

Edible Shotgun Shells and Turkey Feathers
Serves 150
Buttercream icing with piped turkeys and TT's

Rice paper edible turkey feathers
Rice paper edible feathers can be purchased for $5.20 each
email earlenescakes@yahoo.com and a square invoice will be sent to you. Upon payment feathers will be made and shipped to you. Allow 2 weeks for delivery

Additional fee for actual postage cost to mail your items

Gumpaste edible shotgun shells
Gumpaste shotgun shells can be purchased for $5.20 each
email earlenescakes@yahoo.com and a square invoice will be sent to you. Upon payment shotgun shells will be made and shipped to you. Allow 2 weeks for delivery

Chocolate dipped strawberries

One side of the base cake design with the double TT

Hunter #12-03
Serves 95

Grooms Cake for
Kimberly Robertson and Joel Terry

Gumpaste Shotgun Shells
Wafer Paper Turkey Feathers
see above info on ordering the shotgun shells and feathers
Edible Image surfaces on Winchester Boxes

Buttercream Stencils for Hunter and Fisherman. 

Turkey Feathers, and butterflies are wafer /rice paper.

Shotgun shells and small clump of grass are gumpaste


Gray rocks are "Sugar Rocks" Beige rocks are gumpaste

Turkey feathers

Sugar Rocks Recipe

Make royal icing with one fresh egg white, lemon juice and powdered sugar until it is piping consistency. Whip as much air into this icing as possible. Color unevenly. To get the streaked effect don’t thoroughly mix the color through the royal icing. Cover with a damp cloth and reserve.

Line a shoe box with heavy duty tin foil. Grease the inside surface of the tin foil on the inside of the box with Crisco.

Melt 4 1/4 cups of granulated sugar in 1 cup of cold water over a low temperature in a large sauce pan. Bring to a boil and cook to 280º F on a candy thermometer. Remove from the stove and immediately stir the well beaten royal icing into the hot sugar syrup. Pour into the (greased foil) lined shoe box (or a container of comparable size). This mixtures original volume will grow and bubble up - doubling its volume. Let cool completely and then break apart for wonderful textured rocks.

For fine grains of sand or gravel these rocks can be crushed or broken into small pieces.


170 Servings

Buttercream Icing with fondant nuts and gumpaste leaves

I had a cake using these same fondant nuts but the pictures were not good so Johnny Battey gave me permission to use the picture of her cake.

Photo by and with permission of Robert Suddarth Photography

fondant nuts cake

chocolate cake with Mr. Peanut

Mr Peanut in icing

Nuts #3
an additional fee of for Mr. Peanut

Buttercream sponged icing with real peanut accents. The groom raises peanuts.

Mr. Peanut was built on a wire armature with trimmed marshmallows for his body and hat and the surface icing was fondant and royal icing.

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