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Heart Cake and revised Pearls Instructions

Heart Cake detail

Heart Cake

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Heart cake with gumpaste flowers 1

Heart Cake with gumpaste flowers 2

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In Photo 1 you can see the step by step progression of the decorating of this heart cake. First the side pattern is marked and the hearts and scallops are piped with a #3 tip. Soto or Cornelli is then piped above that pattern with a #1 or 2 tip. Small fondant pearls are attached with a small amount of buttercream icing. The bottom border is done with a #18 puff piped with a #14 zig zag piped above and below each of those puffs. The number #2 zig zag is then piped above and below the #14 zig zags and then string work is applied over the top of the #18 puffs. Pearls are then placed as needed on the bottom border. See the above link for the directions on making the pearls

Gumpaste flowers were arranged on the top to finish off this heart shaped cake

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