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Fishing Cakes

Fishing - Boat on lake

100 Servings

with edible boat, man, frogs, fish and etc an additional fee

Fishing - Trout

80 Servings

with gumpaste/fondant trout
an additional fee

Fish #4

125 Servings
Additional fees for edible lures, jigs and bobbers

Buttercream icing with gumpaste and rice paper lures, bobbers and
spinners. Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate

Fish Diamond Cake Fishing #2

90 Servings

Fondant diamonds with undercoating of chocolate buttercream icing.

White and milk chocolate curls, chocolate molded fish and gummy worms

Fish sheet cake image
Fishing #1-2

54 Servings

Additional fee for hand molded and painted fondant fish

Buttercream and German Chocolate Icing with fondant fish, greenery, limbs and gumpaste rocks

Fishing Creel Cake
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