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Fishing Cakes

Fishing - Boat on lake

Groom's Cake for
Dodie Winfield and Justin Phillips

100 Servings
$3.00 per serving
with edible boat, man, frogs, fish and etc an additional fee

Fishing - Trout

Grooms Cake for
Angie Hall & Tim Trout

80 Servings
$4.25 per serving with strawberries

with gumpaste/fondant trout
an additional fee

Fish #4

125 Servings
$4.25 per serving with strawberries
Additional fees for edible lures, jigs and bobbers

Buttercream icing with gumpaste and rice paper lures, bobbers and spinners. Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate

Fish Diamond Cake Fishing #2

90 Servings
$6.00 per serving

Fondant diamonds with undercoating of chocolate buttercream icing.

White and milk chocolate curls, chocolate molded fish and gummy worms

Fish sheet cake image
Fishing #1-2

54 Servings
$3.00 per serving
Additional fee for hand molded and painted fondant fish

Buttercream and German Chocolate Icing with fondant fish, greenery, limbs and gumpaste rocks

Fishing Creel Cake  
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