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Castle Cakes for the adventurous souls
The 17 pages of instructions, patterns and pictures can be ordered from the product page. Ordering info is

Grey Castle cake image

Castle #1

Fairy land Castle

100 Servings
$10.00 per serving as shown

This cake was done for a grooms cake. The outer walls, turrets, draw bridge and etc are gumpaste. sugar rocks and blue piping gel finish off the accents. A really fun grooms cake

Castle #2

Fairyland Castle

100 Servings
$10.00 per serving

After doing the castle for a grooms cake I wanted to play with that same set of patterns to do a cake for a bride.

I had this castle all done in white and it was just to stark. So I dusted it with a little soft pink and a touch of yellow to give it more of fairyland appearance. Fun when we can just play until it feels right to us.

The tiny bride and groom I found at a local party store.

Pink Castle image
Brooke's Castle with dragons

Castle #3

Fairyland Castle

90 Servings
$10 per serving as shown

This smaller castle was done by my grand daughter Brooke (age 12) following the same patterns. She free handed the bride and groom dragons on top of the castle.

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