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Armadillo, Artist and Africa

Photo by and with permission of Robert Suddarth Photography


This is a cake I did several years ago for a groom and yes he did want red velvet cake on the inside. Carolyn Mangold gave me some real valuable assistance in constructing this cake. "Thanks Carolyn" This was basically the first 3D cake I attempted.

The ears and toe nails were made from gumpaste several days ahead of the cake deadline to allow for drying. I then made a mold from sculpy for the shell on the armadillo. I used a small demitasse spoon for the small shell shapes and a regular teaspoon for the larger shapes on the edge of the bands around the armadillo. Then that mold was used to create all of the shell covering on the body and the tail. I used a rolled buttercream / fondant mixture for the covering on the entire body and airbrushed the detailed effects.

Give yourself plenty of time to work on a project of this nature. And accordingly you must price this cake to warrant the amount of time it takes to do this cake from start to finish..

100 servings

This is basically the side view of the wooden armature that must be built to support this armadillo. Cut cardboard's to the appropriate shapes and cover them with contact paper. Cake is then built and supported on top of the armature. Under the armature construction was carved from Styrofoam and then covered with icing.

I used piping gel on the outside of the Styrofoam and then applied the icing on top of that. Obviously the tail is laid down instead of up in the air as I sketched it. You need to make a drawing to scale from the side as well as the top to know just how much cake you will need and to make the patterns for the support boards inside of the armadillo. Have fun - this is a most unusual grooms cake.

This is all the instructions I have for this cake.

Artists pallete cake


55 servings

A very simple and basic cake for the artistic person.


50 Servings

This map of africa was requested by the Bride and groom for the grooms cake. They were planning a climb to the top of Mt. Killamungaro where the flag is placed on the cake for their honeymoon.

Africa shaped cake