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Welcomehouse2014 tomy worl

We live on the Southeastern city limits of Lubbock, TX.
The only house on a 10 acre block and we love it out here.

When we bought our home 40+ years ago it was in rack and ruin. (See photos of the transformation of our place)
I thought Dannie had lost his mind when he said he wanted it.
Nasty on the inside and double ugly on the outside - but the price was right and it had possibilities.
It was originally a four room farm house that one of our neighbors grew up in. We know he is at least 90 years old.
It has been added on to seven times and we have done most of those.
Dannie loves feeling like we are in the country. We are still on a dirt road and like it that way.
It's three miles to the nearest grocery store and 7 miles to the mall but that isn't a big deal.

With my families support over the last 50+ years I have been able to take classes, do the cakes,
demo and teach in this sugar art field.

Dannie has now retired from Dannie Moore Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning.
He has built a few raised beds and that is pretty much the extent of the gardening now.
As we get older we realize that 2 1/2 acres is a lot to keep neat.
Grass mowed, weeds cut, flower beds weeded and replanted as neccessary.
Perinnials are wonderful and have become an absolute must in the flower beds.
Love all the flowers around the yards it just feeds my soul to look out at the
beautiful blooms in the warm weather.

Dannie and I are very proud of the adults our children (D'Lene, Karla and Dan) have become and
the wonderful job they are doing in raising their children.

An addition of 1 great grandchild and another on the way keeps us in anticipation. Love seeing the growth
in our childrens familes.


50th Annv
50th Anniversary with our family in 2009

Dannie and I and our Daughter D'Lene
About my life in the Sugar World


Dannie and I and the way we look most of the time

Karlas Family
Walt, Jase (In the Army), Mackenzie
Karla and Morgan
Dans Fam
Dans Family
Kelsey and Tom, Kelly and Dan, Brooke, Clara and Matt
Dannie and I on his 80th Birthday

Dans Sibs

Dannies Siblings
Brother Jeff and Susan - Dannie and I
Sister Jere and Lyndol - Sister Mitzi and Joe

Earlenes Siblings
Sister Barbara and Bill - Sister Pat and Doyle
Dannie and I

two pups
Dannie's two companions Bitsy and BB. They would live in his hip
pocket if they could

the cat
Sox allows us to live in his house. Dogs don't faze him.
But a stranger walks through the door and he is into hiding mode.
The biggest scardy cat you ever saw.
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